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Decco Starlite Alu-Line Range

Alu-Line 3D (Click on images to enlarge)

Decco Starlite Alu-Line 3D sheets are produced in a specially developed process. A variety of plastic film backings and Alu compound foil covering on the reverse side are being projected forward by the perforations. This creates convex, "lens shaped" forms on the surface, which in turn generates special 3D effects.

Alu-Line PS (Click on images to enlarge)

Decco Starlite Alu-Line PS again consists of a perforated Alu-Line sheet, but with polystyrene coating on the reverse side. From an optical viewpoint, Alu-Line PS sheets appear to be virtually similar with the Alu-line 3D, but possess a wide variety of colour selection for the reverse backing.

Alu-Line Fleece (Click on images to enlarge)

Decco Starlite stunning effects are created by Alu-Line Fleece sheets, which consist of a perforated aluminium sheet backed with noise insulation sheet. When used as ceiling panels, this material combination not only stands out due to its spectacular appearance, but also protects against falls of dirt and debris and offers outstanding acoustic characteristics with regard to noise absorption.

Decco Starlite Alu-Line system comes with a choice of suspension system to suit individual applications. The results will highlight its brilliant 3-dimensional effects.

Exposed Grid System (Click on images to enlarge)
Conceal Grid System (Click on images to enlarge)

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